The Care & Keeping of Your Jewelry


Raw Amethyst Point
Raw Amethyst Point

Natural stones are inherently delicate pieces.

Take heed with some tried & true advise below. I’ve rounded up some tips to keep your natural jewelry pieces sparkling and in tact for as long as possible.


Raw Aquamarine Earrings

#1 – Hooked Earrings – wear the backings provided. 

I include clear backings to every set of earrings listed. Nope they’re not just there for decorations or keeping on the earring card. Stud earrings goes without saying, you will need to wear the backs to them in order to keep them on your ears. You will want to wear the backings with the hooked earrings as well. A little nudge or bump can send them popping off your ear and shattering on the floor. Each set of earrings can have a different weight. One set could handle a nudge or two no problem, but for the longer or heavier stones it is ideal to leave the backs on just in case.

Always better safe than sorry in the long run.

Raw Amethyst Ring

#2 – Rings – Always take them off before washing your hands, swimming or bathing. 

The luster may not appear to change with one shower, swim or hand washing, but over time the residue and soap film can build up on your precious/semi-precious stones, behind your prongs and in the crevasses. According to House Beautiful this is the #1 cardinal sin of jewelry wearers! Water can also wear the protective layer or patina of the metal off faster, so does lotion & cleaners.

Not to mention, you do not want your precious pieces to end up down a drain. 

Raw Sodalite Pendant

#3 – Necklaces – Do not pull.

Every piece that I make, I also wear myself and attempt to put through what I call the “toddler-test“. I have a 19 month old toddler and she loves shiny, dangle-y things! A lot of my initial designs have to be reinforced due to the ol’ grab and pull that toddlers do so well. Keep in mind lot of handmade necklace pieces are wire wrapped or held together by delicate jump rings, a good snag or sudden tug could pull your pendant a part. So wear for the appropriate activity and remove or keep out of the reach of youngin’s, think date night jewelry. 😉



Remember, jewelry last as long as the care for it does.

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