40 Sales & Growing!

Raw Peruvian Opal Pendant

That’s right 40!! Holy Cannoli that is unbelievable for me.

In the five months that my humble little Etsy shop has been opened, it has managed to hit some large mile stones, like my first international order! I wanted to take some time and properly thank everyone that has contributed to those successful milestones that have helped my shop grow and flourish.


Order ready to ship!

I write it on the back of each card that I ship with every order; Your support of my handmade business means everything to me! I mean every word, because it does.

Your choice to shop my handmade business has allowed me to purchase the necessary tools that I need to keep growing; a rotary tumbler, a Dremel tool, files, flush cutters, solder, & steel shot (which ain’t cheap). Your support has allowed me to continue to keep my materials on hand; wires of different sizes & gauges, findings, new stones hand picked for unique pieces, and yes, my first bulk order of silver!

Mintabi Opal set on Sterling Silver

Without your support my passion for my handmade business would be crumbling out from under me. With each order the fire within is stoked a little more. It is a true pleasure to hand-craft each and every piece for each and every customer. I look forward to crafting many, many more.

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