5 Natural Stone Jewelry Trends for Fall/Winter 2017

Natural Stone Jewelry Has Been Adding A Unique Flair All Over Fashion Week 2017

Natural Stone Jewelry
Natural Stone Jewelry Trends Are Taking Fashion By Storm

Natural stone jewelry and raw gemstone jewelry have been dubbed one of this fall’s hot ticket items. These dazzling unique pieces have started conversations and kept people talking. No two raw gemstones are alike and all can be admired for their individual qualities. Whether you are enchanting others with natural stone necklaces, natural stone rings, or natural stone earrings, they complement any outfit for any occasion. With so much versatility and desirability, it’s no wonder so many natural stone jewelry trends are emerging. So, we thought we would list our Top 5 trends.

Here are the Top 5 Natural Stone Jewelry Trends for this Fall 2017

  1. Amethyst on Rose Gold Earrings $30
    Amethyst on Rose Gold Earrings $30

    Asymmetrical Natural Stone Earrings: This bold and very unique style is causing women to stand out in a crowd whether they want to or not. While this may make some uncomfortable, jewelry fashion has always been about creativity and extravagance. This short and long effect compliments the layers of fall fashion magnificently. What better way to embrace these layers and flaunt your individuality simultaneously.

  2. Finished Obsidian Mahogany
    Finished Obsidian Mahogany

    Single Natural Stone Earring: Daring and evocative, this style of jewelry got its start on the New York runways and splashed big on the Paris runways this year. It leaves some people wondering where your other earring went, but there are absolutely no rules. This natural stone jewelry trend can be a hoop earring, a large stud, or even a dangle.

  3. Natural Stone Necklaces Amethyst $28
    Natural Stone Necklace Amethyst $28

    Punk Natural Stone Jewelry: Creative style is all about embracing your individuality. Punk jewelry is the quintessential individual expression. This do-it-yourself style of natural stone jewelry trends garnered insane amounts of attention back in the late ‘80s and early ‘90s.  Almost thirty years later these styles are turning heads by utilizing unique raw gemstones and hand wire wrapping techniques. Combine these pendants with leather, or cord, necklaces and you have a look that no one can copy.

  4. Garnet Gold Wire Pendant, Gemstone Pendant, Raw Garnet Pendant, Gemstone Necklace, Garnet Necklace
    Wire Wrapped Garnet Choker $38.00

    Bold Natural Gemstone Chokers: Majestic and unique raw gemstones are the perfect accent piece to dazzle clients or your spouse’s boss. When you add these bold large stones to a choker necklace you have a simple and drama free accent sure to dazzle anyone who turns their eyes towards you. The larger the stone the fiercer the statement to be made with this jewelry. Go big or go home with this fantastic natural stone jewelry trend.

  5. Amethyst Beads
    Amethyst Beads Make a Great Layered Look $13.00

    Layered Natural Stone Necklaces: Raging all the way through summer 2017 and right into fall. This simple and conventional style makes a great last-minute addition to a party with friends or a night on the town. Layer three or four simple necklaces and accent them all with a single raw gemstone and watch men and women admire your elegance.

Raw Gemstone Jewelry Shows You Don’t Need To Be Polished To Be Beautiful.

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Raw Beauty is True Beauty!
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