Fill Your Jewelry Box with Heirloom Quality Jewelry

Heirloom Quality Jewelry Showcases Exquisite Taste for Generations

Heirloom Quality Jewelry Looks Great At Any Occasion
Heirloom Quality Jewelry Looks Great For Any Occasion

What does Heirloom quality mean? It means artisanship. A jewelry smith took the painstaking time to shape, design, and forge, a beautiful work of art with a one of a kind natural stone at the center. Fine detail was intricately inlaid to create a one of a kind piece of beauty.  Designed to last a lifetime and meant to adorn generations.

Heirloom quality jewelry is an investment in yourself and your family. This natural stone jewelry turns heads and starts conversations. People will want to know where you got it and others may want to buy it from you. Heirloom quality jewelry can be natural stone necklaces, natural stone rings, natural stone earrings, or bracelets. But the best kinds are the ones that come with a story.

Why Heirloom Quality Jewelry Needs to be in Your Collection

Peruvian Opal Necklace
Peruvian Opal Necklace

Heirloom quality jewelry uses only top quality precious and semi-precious gemstones. Their dazzle is accented brilliantly in handcrafted 10kt-24kt gold or sterling silver. Each detail is done by hand to give a unique finish and look.  Heirloom quality jewelry is not mass produced. Each natural gemstone used is as unique as the person it accents.

If the Quality Isn’t Enough Here are 4 More Reasons You Need Heirloom Quality Jewelry:

  1. Create A Legacy

    —Due to the high value and portability jewelry is something many people use to be remembered. Heirloom Quality Jewelry can be passed down through the generations creating a legacy for yourself and connecting your family to their history. You’ll be proud to hand these fine pieces of jewelry down to your children, grandchildren, or nieces and nephews

  2. Can Be Repurposed

    Hand Carved Obsidian
    Hand Carved Obsidian

    —Your taste in jewelry may not be in line with your great-great-great grandchildren’s taste in jewelry. Even today the broach is fading out of style. However, that doesn’t mean the gold and semi-precious gems have to sit in a drawer. Jewelers and metalsmiths will always have the ability to design and re-design your heirloom quality jewelry. This is something that cannot be done with cheaper and inferior jewelry no matter what the story is behind the piece.

  3. Cost savings

    —If history has proved anything it’s that gold, platinum, and silver will always be valuable. These metals have steadily increased in value since the world began putting a monetary value to an ounce of each one. Buying heirloom quality jewelry now will ensure that your great grandchildren will wear a ring worth $5,000 when you only paid $500 for it.

  4. Engagements and Special Occasions

    Raw Amethyst Point Hand-Wrapped with Silver Wire
    Raw Amethyst Point Hand-Wrapped with Silver Wire

    —What better way to be a part of your grandchild’s big day than by giving them an heirloom ring to use. Whether it’s an engagement ring, wedding ring, or anniversary women (and men) fell flattered and honored to be wear jewelry that has been part of a family for generations. Making heirloom quality jewelry part of your collection now affords you the opportunity to make moments like these happen in the future.

WildStone Creations specializes in natural stone jewelry and custom heirloom quality jewelry. Time is taken to add accents and touches that ensure no two jewelry designs are the same. WildStone Creations uses only hand cut natural stones and semi-precious stones in the jewelry designs. Contact us today to begin crafting your unique heirloom quality jewelry.

Raw Beauty is True Beauty!
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