5 Secrets of the Amethyst: Natural Gemstone Jewelry

There is No Beauty Like an Amethyst

An Amethyst Waiting to be Set in Silver
An Amethyst Waiting to be Set in Silver

Amethyst is the most well-known and coveted of all the quartz crystals.  Its color is always purple, but will vary in shades ranging from light lilac purple to a deep regal purple. The deeper purple the more valuable the amethyst.

Most people are already aware that Amethyst is the birthstone of February and that it can accent both warm and dark colors. Peace, courage, and stability are at the heart of many of the stories associated with amethyst just like the people born in February.

The Amethyst has as Much Mystery as Beauty

The Amethyst can be found all over the world. It has influenced some of the great minds of the last two thousand years. It has also come across some very interesting stories. Here are just a few of the little unknown facts and secrets the amethyst has been hiding.

1. Iron Veins:

Amethyst Being Held up to the light
Iron Makes the Color Purple in Amethsyt

The color comes from iron impurities within the quartz. There are a few parts or iron per million which produces the various shades of purple. The more iron that is present the deeper the purple.

2. The Sober Greek:

Amethyst receives its name from the ancient Greek “Methustos” which roughly means “intoxicated”. When the ancient Greeks wanted to say, “not intoxicated” they would say “amethystos”. The ancient Greeks believed that amethyst warded off intoxication. They would make chalices and cups out of amethyst to promote sobriety.


3. Green Amethyst:

Amethyst is often heated to transform it into a more valuable mineral. Citrine is the result of this heating process. However, there are some kinds of amethyst that instead of turning orange when turning into citrine they will turn a light green. These quartz creations are then named prasiolite, or green amethyst. This stone is still considered valuable, but not as valuable as the amethyst.

4. Treated like Diamonds:

Amethyst is Still Worn by Royalty
Amethyst is Still Worn by Royalty

The amethyst was once as valuable as diamonds, emeralds, and sapphires. They were traded among kings and given as presents to royalty. That all changed in the 18th Large deposits were discovered in Brazil and value began to steadily decrease.

5. Worn Across History:

Several famous figures have worn the amethyst throughout history and for several reasons. Cleopatra wore an amethyst ring to symbolize love, light, and life. Egyptian soldiers wore amethyst pendants for courage. Leonardo Da Vinci wrote that the amethyst can “dissipate evil thoughts and quicken intelligence”. St. Valentine wore an amethyst ring carved with an image of cupid for purity.

The power of the amethyst doesn’t end there. The Tibetan culture believes that the amethyst gives one’s mental clarity. Medicine men and women drop amethyst into cups of water in “rainmaking” ceremonies.

Wild Stone Creations Offers Several Amethyst Rings and Earrings

Wild Stone Creations creates beautiful natural gemstone jewelry located in Reno, NV. We specialize in raw gemstones and natural gemstones set in beautiful sterling silver. We offer natural gemstone necklaces, natural gemstone earrings, and natural gemstone rings. We also offer custom gemstone jewelry crafting. Brings us your memorable rocks and we’ll turn them into one of kind gemstone jewelry.

Raw Beauty is True Beauty
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5 Secrets About Garnets

The Hidden Tales of the Garnet are as Rich as the Color It Produces

Garnet Earrings Have Multiple Healing Properties
Garnet Earrings Have Multiple Healing Properties

The garnet has been adjourning natural stone jewelry for centuries. Garnet jewelry is some of the most sought after in the world due to its overwhelming beauty and luster. In the past, Garnet jewelry has been gifted to royalty such as the King of Saxony. Garnets also adjourn the walls of multiple Bohemian castles and churches typically in the shape of pomegranates.

Most people know that the garnet is the traditional birthstone for people born in the month of January.  The garnet symbolizes the light heart, loyalty, and enduring affections of those born in this month. However, this beautiful natural stone has a few secrets that you might not know about.

5 Secrets of the Garnet and Garnet Jewelry

1. The Colors of Garnets

Most people think of the color red when think of garnets. They couldn’t be more wrong.  Garnets come in a whole rainbow of colors to include pink, orange, green, brown, and red-purple. Some of these natural stones can even appear olive green or pale pink when exposed to natural or artificial light.  These color varieties are a result of the introduction of such metals such as manganese, iron, calcium, and aluminum. The only color the garnet is not available in is blue.

2. The Name Garnet was Inspired by the Pomegranate

In the 14th century the word “garnet” was pronounced “ger-net” which was the Middle English word for dark red. The word “gernet” was derived from the Latin “granatum” which means seed. This word “granatum” was used to describe the natural garnet because of the gemstone’s resemblance to the red fruit of the pomegranate.

3. Healing Properties of Garnet Jewelry

Natural stones are believed, by people the world over, to contain healing, growing, protecting, and sexual properties. The garnet and garnet jewelry are no exception. Garnets are believed to hold many abilities, but the most common belief is that it calms anxiety and cheers the heart.  This natural stone has also encouraged guidance and inspired creativity within other people. Natural stone necklaces and natural stone earrings are the best ways to harness these energies. By placing the stone near your heart or head you increase the garnets calming properties.

4. Garnets for Woodworking and Other Commercial Uses

Garnets and garnet sand are both naturally abrasive and have proven to be more valuable in commercial applications then in some jewelry stores. Garnet paper is the preferred choice of cabinet makers to finish bare wood. It leaves a deep rich red that goes well on cherry and mahogany wood. Rock garnet and sand garnet are both used for sand blasting. They have proven to be more effective than silica sand. When garnet is mixed with water it is used in water jet systems to cut steel and other materials.

5. The Most Valuable Garnet

Tsarvorite Garnets Are the Most Rare Garnet
Tsarovite Garnets Are the Most Rare Garnet

Garnet jewelry can be very expensive depending on the cut, quality, and the setting of the stone.  However, a garnet mined in East Africa takes the cake as the most expensive garnet natural stone. Once cut and faceted, the tsavorite garnet sells for an amazing $8,000 a karat. The garnet is green. This is one of the rarest colors to find a garnet. Its brilliance is so beautiful that it is often mistaken for emeralds.

Wild Stone Creations takes the time to see the beauty in each one of the natural stones that we come across. Each piece is set in silver and hand crafted to accent the beauty and luster of these natural stone. We offer natural stone earrings, natural stone necklaces, and natural stone rings.

 Raw Beauty is True Beauty
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Fill Your Jewelry Box with Heirloom Quality Jewelry

Heirloom Quality Jewelry Looks Great At Any Occasion

Heirloom Quality Jewelry Showcases Exquisite Taste for Generations

Heirloom Quality Jewelry Looks Great At Any Occasion
Heirloom Quality Jewelry Looks Great For Any Occasion

What does Heirloom quality mean? It means artisanship. A jewelry smith took the painstaking time to shape, design, and forge, a beautiful work of art with a one of a kind natural stone at the center. Fine detail was intricately inlaid to create a one of a kind piece of beauty.  Designed to last a lifetime and meant to adorn generations.

Heirloom quality jewelry is an investment in yourself and your family. This natural stone jewelry turns heads and starts conversations. People will want to know where you got it and others may want to buy it from you. Heirloom quality jewelry can be natural stone necklaces, natural stone rings, natural stone earrings, or bracelets. But the best kinds are the ones that come with a story.

Why Heirloom Quality Jewelry Needs to be in Your Collection

Peruvian Opal Necklace
Peruvian Opal Necklace

Heirloom quality jewelry uses only top quality precious and semi-precious gemstones. Their dazzle is accented brilliantly in handcrafted 10kt-24kt gold or sterling silver. Each detail is done by hand to give a unique finish and look.  Heirloom quality jewelry is not mass produced. Each natural gemstone used is as unique as the person it accents.

If the Quality Isn’t Enough Here are 4 More Reasons You Need Heirloom Quality Jewelry:

  1. Create A Legacy

    —Due to the high value and portability jewelry is something many people use to be remembered. Heirloom Quality Jewelry can be passed down through the generations creating a legacy for yourself and connecting your family to their history. You’ll be proud to hand these fine pieces of jewelry down to your children, grandchildren, or nieces and nephews

  2. Can Be Repurposed

    Hand Carved Obsidian
    Hand Carved Obsidian

    —Your taste in jewelry may not be in line with your great-great-great grandchildren’s taste in jewelry. Even today the broach is fading out of style. However, that doesn’t mean the gold and semi-precious gems have to sit in a drawer. Jewelers and metalsmiths will always have the ability to design and re-design your heirloom quality jewelry. This is something that cannot be done with cheaper and inferior jewelry no matter what the story is behind the piece.

  3. Cost savings

    —If history has proved anything it’s that gold, platinum, and silver will always be valuable. These metals have steadily increased in value since the world began putting a monetary value to an ounce of each one. Buying heirloom quality jewelry now will ensure that your great grandchildren will wear a ring worth $5,000 when you only paid $500 for it.

  4. Engagements and Special Occasions

    Raw Amethyst Point Hand-Wrapped with Silver Wire
    Raw Amethyst Point Hand-Wrapped with Silver Wire

    —What better way to be a part of your grandchild’s big day than by giving them an heirloom ring to use. Whether it’s an engagement ring, wedding ring, or anniversary women (and men) fell flattered and honored to be wear jewelry that has been part of a family for generations. Making heirloom quality jewelry part of your collection now affords you the opportunity to make moments like these happen in the future.

WildStone Creations specializes in natural stone jewelry and custom heirloom quality jewelry. Time is taken to add accents and touches that ensure no two jewelry designs are the same. WildStone Creations uses only hand cut natural stones and semi-precious stones in the jewelry designs. Contact us today to begin crafting your unique heirloom quality jewelry.

Raw Beauty is True Beauty!
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5 Reasons You Need To Be Wearing Raw Gemstone Jewelry

Raw Gemstone Jewelry Has Appeal You Won’t Find Anywhere Else

Raw Gemstone Jewelry Is the Prettiest on the Planet
Raw Gemstone Jewelry Is the Prettiest on the Planet

Some might consider it a tragedy if there is no raw gemstone jewelry in your jewelry box. You are missing out on one of the most brilliantly crafted pieces of art on the planet. These illustrious and decadent pieces of jewelry were made by mother earth over years using force beyond our comprehension.  The colors, patterns, and shapes of raw gemstone jewelry stretch on endlessly in a rainbow big enough for every woman on the planet to have their own unique piece.

Peruvian Opal Necklace
Peruvian Opal Necklace

5 things to consider about raw gemstone jewelry during your next jewelry purchase

  1. Natural Beauty Enhance your natural beauty with Mother Earth’s natural beauty. No two pieces of raw gemstone jewelry are every the same. Each one is as unique as the woman who wears them. Mother Earth took the time to create every woman and every piece of raw gemstone jewelry. There is a natural match to be found for everyone as everyone is drawn to something different.

    Raw Amethyst Ring
    Raw Amethyst Ring
  2. Spiritual Healing – The spiritual and physical healing of crystals and raw gemstones have been proven time and time again to multiple people around the world. Entire websites have been dedicated to explaining what the various crystals and gemstones can heal on your body, or aid you in your daily life. For example, Citrine aids with prosperity. Jade promotes fidelity. Amethyst protects travelers, and rubies are known to strengthen the heart, brain, and memory.
  3. Heirloom quality – These raw gemstones were forged in the furnace of the earth’s mantle and crushed by tectonic forces we can only begin to imagine. With that kind of proven durability with the enhanced beauty of being set in silver or gold, it stands to reason that raw gemstone jewelry will be around for many generations after you make your purchase. Take heart in knowing that your beautiful natural stone ring will adorn the finger of a granddaughter, great-granddaughter, and great great granddaughter.

    Raw Emerald Gemstone
    Raw Emerald Gemstone
  4. Great for Everyday Wear – Not only is raw gemstone jewelry proven to be durable for day to day use, but the colors are so varied that you can match any outfit any day of the week. There are some gemstones that you want to avoid wearing like pearls, or jade. Yet, rubies, emeralds, and sapphires are strong enough to handle to bumps and bangs of your busy life.
  5. Environmentally Friendly – Raw gemstones take less of a toll on the earth to make and to turn into jewelry. Small mining operations are held to rigorous environmental standards and regulations and therefore the gemstones produced need only to be cleaned, polished, and set. Synthetic stones require mined seed and a laboratory to produce often times requiring extra energy and natural resource consumption.

    Raw Amethyst Point Hand-Wrapped with Silver Wire
    Raw Amethyst Point Hand-Wrapped with Silver Wire

WildStoneCreations uses only naturally sourced raw gemstones and stones for all of our natural stone pendants, natural stone rings, and natural stone earrings. Each piece is carefully set and enhanced to bring out the natural brilliance and sparkle. Surprise your mom, grandmother, or that special someone in your life with handcrafted raw gemstone jewelry.

Raw Beauty is True Beauty!
Find The Perfect Raw Gemstone For Your Life!
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5 Natural Stone Jewelry Trends for Fall/Winter 2017

Wire Wrapped Raw Emeralds and Rubies

Natural Stone Jewelry Has Been Adding A Unique Flair All Over Fashion Week 2017

Natural Stone Jewelry
Natural Stone Jewelry Trends Are Taking Fashion By Storm

Natural stone jewelry and raw gemstone jewelry have been dubbed one of this fall’s hot ticket items. These dazzling unique pieces have started conversations and kept people talking. No two raw gemstones are alike and all can be admired for their individual qualities. Whether you are enchanting others with natural stone necklaces, natural stone rings, or natural stone earrings, they complement any outfit for any occasion. With so much versatility and desirability, it’s no wonder so many natural stone jewelry trends are emerging. So, we thought we would list our Top 5 trends.

Here are the Top 5 Natural Stone Jewelry Trends for this Fall 2017

  1. Amethyst on Rose Gold Earrings $30
    Amethyst on Rose Gold Earrings $30

    Asymmetrical Natural Stone Earrings: This bold and very unique style is causing women to stand out in a crowd whether they want to or not. While this may make some uncomfortable, jewelry fashion has always been about creativity and extravagance. This short and long effect compliments the layers of fall fashion magnificently. What better way to embrace these layers and flaunt your individuality simultaneously.

  2. Finished Obsidian Mahogany
    Finished Obsidian Mahogany

    Single Natural Stone Earring: Daring and evocative, this style of jewelry got its start on the New York runways and splashed big on the Paris runways this year. It leaves some people wondering where your other earring went, but there are absolutely no rules. This natural stone jewelry trend can be a hoop earring, a large stud, or even a dangle.

  3. Natural Stone Necklaces Amethyst $28
    Natural Stone Necklace Amethyst $28

    Punk Natural Stone Jewelry: Creative style is all about embracing your individuality. Punk jewelry is the quintessential individual expression. This do-it-yourself style of natural stone jewelry trends garnered insane amounts of attention back in the late ‘80s and early ‘90s.  Almost thirty years later these styles are turning heads by utilizing unique raw gemstones and hand wire wrapping techniques. Combine these pendants with leather, or cord, necklaces and you have a look that no one can copy.

  4. Garnet Gold Wire Pendant, Gemstone Pendant, Raw Garnet Pendant, Gemstone Necklace, Garnet Necklace
    Wire Wrapped Garnet Choker $38.00

    Bold Natural Gemstone Chokers: Majestic and unique raw gemstones are the perfect accent piece to dazzle clients or your spouse’s boss. When you add these bold large stones to a choker necklace you have a simple and drama free accent sure to dazzle anyone who turns their eyes towards you. The larger the stone the fiercer the statement to be made with this jewelry. Go big or go home with this fantastic natural stone jewelry trend.

  5. Amethyst Beads
    Amethyst Beads Make a Great Layered Look $13.00

    Layered Natural Stone Necklaces: Raging all the way through summer 2017 and right into fall. This simple and conventional style makes a great last-minute addition to a party with friends or a night on the town. Layer three or four simple necklaces and accent them all with a single raw gemstone and watch men and women admire your elegance.

Raw Gemstone Jewelry Shows You Don’t Need To Be Polished To Be Beautiful.

WildStoneCreations uses only natural stones and raw gemstones in all of the jewelry produced. These handmade works of art display the beauty of mother nature the way she intended for them to be seen. Check out our natural stone earrings, rings, and necklaces for a one of a kind look. Commissioned pieces are available. Send in your own gemstones, or check out our loose stone collection.

Raw Beauty is True Beauty!
Find The Perfect Gemstone For Your Life!
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40 Sales & Growing!

Raw Peruvian Opal Pendant

That’s right 40!! Holy Cannoli that is unbelievable for me.

In the five months that my humble little Etsy shop has been opened, it has managed to hit some large mile stones, like my first international order! I wanted to take some time and properly thank everyone that has contributed to those successful milestones that have helped my shop grow and flourish.


Order ready to ship!

I write it on the back of each card that I ship with every order; Your support of my handmade business means everything to me! I mean every word, because it does.

Your choice to shop my handmade business has allowed me to purchase the necessary tools that I need to keep growing; a rotary tumbler, a Dremel tool, files, flush cutters, solder, & steel shot (which ain’t cheap). Your support has allowed me to continue to keep my materials on hand; wires of different sizes & gauges, findings, new stones hand picked for unique pieces, and yes, my first bulk order of silver!

Mintabi Opal set on Sterling Silver

Without your support my passion for my handmade business would be crumbling out from under me. With each order the fire within is stoked a little more. It is a true pleasure to hand-craft each and every piece for each and every customer. I look forward to crafting many, many more.

The Care & Keeping of Your Jewelry


Raw Amethyst Point
Raw Amethyst Point

Natural stones are inherently delicate pieces.

Take heed with some tried & true advise below. I’ve rounded up some tips to keep your natural jewelry pieces sparkling and in tact for as long as possible.


Raw Aquamarine Earrings

#1 – Hooked Earrings – wear the backings provided. 

I include clear backings to every set of earrings listed. Nope they’re not just there for decorations or keeping on the earring card. Stud earrings goes without saying, you will need to wear the backs to them in order to keep them on your ears. You will want to wear the backings with the hooked earrings as well. A little nudge or bump can send them popping off your ear and shattering on the floor. Each set of earrings can have a different weight. One set could handle a nudge or two no problem, but for the longer or heavier stones it is ideal to leave the backs on just in case.

Always better safe than sorry in the long run.

Raw Amethyst Ring

#2 – Rings – Always take them off before washing your hands, swimming or bathing. 

The luster may not appear to change with one shower, swim or hand washing, but over time the residue and soap film can build up on your precious/semi-precious stones, behind your prongs and in the crevasses. According to House Beautiful this is the #1 cardinal sin of jewelry wearers! Water can also wear the protective layer or patina of the metal off faster, so does lotion & cleaners.

Not to mention, you do not want your precious pieces to end up down a drain. 

Raw Sodalite Pendant

#3 – Necklaces – Do not pull.

Every piece that I make, I also wear myself and attempt to put through what I call the “toddler-test“. I have a 19 month old toddler and she loves shiny, dangle-y things! A lot of my initial designs have to be reinforced due to the ol’ grab and pull that toddlers do so well. Keep in mind lot of handmade necklace pieces are wire wrapped or held together by delicate jump rings, a good snag or sudden tug could pull your pendant a part. So wear for the appropriate activity and remove or keep out of the reach of youngin’s, think date night jewelry. 😉



Remember, jewelry last as long as the care for it does.

Growing Slow

Raw Amethyst Point Hand-Wrapped with Silver Wire
Raw Emerald Necklace in 14K Rose Gold


May capped off the best month I’ve had since I opened my shop in February.

Three months ago when I opened my Etsy shop I did not know what to expect.

I certainly did not expect all the overwhelming support that I’ve received from friends and family alike, I can not say thank you enough! Each month I’ve been improving in wire wrapping, silver smithing and lapidary. All for the sole purpose of hand crafting custom pieces to add to your personal collections.

Thank you for the kind words, the encouragement, the orders & the word of mouth (keep spreading it!). I look forward to increasing my online exposure, my skill-set, my tools, and hopefully my workbench this month. My hubs is working on making space for me in the garage so my family can eat at the kitchen table in peace again.

I look forward to smashing goals, serving lots of new customers and hopefully some returning ones as well in June.

Stay posted for project updates from my upcoming classes this month!

Fulfilling orders!


Rise & Grind

Hand Carved Obsidian
Obsidian Mahogany
Obsidian Mahogany

I finally got to take a crack at the class that I’ve been clamoring to get into since February – Lapidary.

What is lapidary you ask? Its the delicate art of sawing, trimming, grind, shaping and polishing a stone into a finished piece.

Gotta admit that it was super intimidating at first and overwhelming. New machines, new technique’s, two totally different teachers with conflicting styles and I still down quiet know how to hold my arms. People teach how they’re comfortable with doing things

All that aside, the mysteries of taking a raw mass of stone and turning it into a beautiful finished piece is finally taking shape for me.

Finished Obsidian Mahogany
Finished Obsidian Mahogany

In the last round of classes the teacher even let me dig into my own personal stash of materials. I’ve learned enough that I ordered extra bits and attachments for my Dremel at home.

My hubs was even kind enough hand-make a special piece that holds my Dremel in place so I can use both hands on the stone.

First class started out kinda rough, but it’s finally feeling natural and I’m loving every minute of it. Now I want to grind & drill all the things!

Hubby’s Awesome Mother’s Day Gift

It’s in the Blood…

Me with ROSIE! The Riveter in Washtington, DC

April is here and so is my chance to FINALLY take some classes from the Reno Gem and Mineral Society! I showed up to Aprils meeting ready to jump head long into lapidary only to find out that the class was full and there was no waiting list. The dream of cutting my precious raw gemstones would have to wait one more month – if I’m lucky, although it could be potentially longer. I had few options left as far as classes went and I was crushed. I took my seat and sat through the rest of the meeting.

It was when someone mentioned the Silver Fabrication class that a raucous group of men behind me hollered and caught my attention. They still had spots to fill and they were super fired up about what they had to teach. I shuffled over and added my name to the list. I did not feel comfortable about it though. It was not my first choice or even something I thought I would even be good at, why was I doing this? Well I wanted to learn something damn it.

There was absolutely no time to chicken out on the class, as the first one began the very next night. I circled the block twice and gave myself a nice talking too that evening. What did I have to lose? What did I have to be afraid of? NOTHING. I parked the car and headed inside. As I suspected there weren’t many females chomping at the bit to learn silver fabrication or lapidary for that matter either. I knew full well going in that it was going to be predominately older men teaching and taking the class. Luckily, that’s never stopped me before and it wasn’t going to stop me now. It was a relief that they were all extremely nice and genuinely excited to have me there.

The Torch

I was very, VERY clear from the get go that I had no idea what I was doing. And they let me know right off the bat that it didn’t mean a hill of beans to them, they could and WOULD teach me. Not once did they make me feel out of place or ashamed at my lack of experience. Not once did I feel “mansplained” to, I truly wanted to learn and they honestly wanted to teach me. I felt like I had stepped into my Dads garage, pulled up a chair as he taught me skills that were taught to him ages ago. I am learning how to keep craftsmanship alive and it was a humbling thing to realize.


Honestly, I didn’t think I would enjoy the class, but I discovered that I was a natural at it. I came back the next week, got all of my solder to flow and stick on every copper piece and silver bezel. Currently, I am on track to finish my first piece ahead of schedule! Whoda thunk it? Well….my folks – 🙂 See my Dad’s father was a welder & my Mom’s mother was a welder on warships in Savannah, GA during WWII.

Turns out, it’s in the blood.

Thank You!

Beaded Amethyst Pendant – Still Available in my Etsy Shop!

Sale #3 Today!! Woot! Woot!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!! To everyone who has believed & supported me through this new passion project, it means the world to me!

I can not express how happy it makes me to get the opportunity to craft these fun pieces for you all!!

Another exciting announcement is that me & my family have all joined the Reno Gem & Mineral Society as of March 6th, 2017 – we are official members! They are an intense group of rock-hounding lapidary artists that have been established here in the area since 1965.

I am beyond excited to get the opportunity to learn how to cut & facet my gems, myself! Since I can’t officially take my first lapidary class until April, I’ve purchased my first Dremel tool to hold me over until then. That’s right, I’m going to be drilling some fine, fine holes into these rocks to make even more awesome pieces for you!

Red-Haired Me, Circa 2008 – First Gem Mining Experience in Cashiers, NC


Finding Your Passion

rain or shine we dig
Road trip
Road-side waterfall in Jackson-Hole, NC

We all know that finding your passion takes time, little did I know that it would take over 9 years for all the pieces to fall into place for mine.

The week of June 24th, 2008 was the week of our 2nd wedding anniversary. My husband and I found ourselves in the mountains of Cashiers, NC looking for something fun and interesting to do together, mind you I was 11 weeks pregnant with our oldest. We were limited to adventures of the tame nature like, putt-putt, naps, massages, eating and gem-mining?

digging_hubbyYep, gem-mining. Granted our first experience was an after dinner salted-bucket dig – we were hooked. With each exciting find, especially our first ruby, emerald & sapphire, we craved more of a challenge.

So we took to the road & discovered that we were staying in one of the top places to gem-hunt in the United States. We were right next door to Franklin, NC.

You couldn’t stop us after that, we stopped at every road side flume from Sapphire Valley to Cherokee, NC. Each night back at the time share we would dump our discovery’s onto the table, identify, label and bag them. We knew that someday, somehow we would learn how to cut, shape and polish those treasures.

Apologies for the fuzzies – Moonstone, Garnet, Sapphire & Emerald.




Since we weren’t able to do it ourselves right then and there, we found a place in Jackson’s Hole, NC that would do it affordably for us. We chose 4 of our best gem stone pieces and we’ve never regretted it. We only had the Moonstone, Garnet, & Sapphire set into wearable jewelry pieces that I still rock today. The emerald is still loose because you know – my hubby is a pirate at heart.

Here I am 9 years later on the opposite coast. I’m near all these amazing places to go rock-hounding. I’m in the same city as lapidary’s, silversmiths & jewelry-makers. I have found my passion, I have found people to help me craft my passion and I’m beyond excited to share my journey with you all!

Part of the amazing collection of Moonstones we found in Jacksons Hole, NC